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Reports and Toolkits

Get more information about our local economic development (LED) programs and receive practical guidance on implementing best practices in your work.

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    Community Branding and Marketing

    This LED learning module and toolkit focuses on community branding and marketing-an important part of any LED strategy.
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    Desarrollo De Imagen De Marca Y Marketing Comunitario

    Este modulo y herramientas de aprendizaje de DEL, se centra en el tema del desarrollo de una imagen de marca y marketing comunitario: una parte importante de cualquier estrategia de DEL. 
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    The Evolution of Local Economic Development in Canada - Policy Brief

    Learn about the evolution of LED in Canada with an emphasis on what lessons this evolution might offer to emerging economies worldwide.  
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    La evolución del desarrollo económico local en Canadá - Documento de orientación sobre políticas públicas

    (En la lengua de origen.) En el nivel mundial, el interés y el compromiso en el desarrollo económico local (deL) se han visto renovados, bajo la premisa, no solo de un deseo de impulsar el desarrollo a gran escala de manera más significativa, sino, por sobre todo, impulsar el desarrollo para incluir a las comunidades y los ciudadanos locales, considerar con justeza los intereses de todos los ciudadanos, priorizar la repartición de responsabilidades de manera sostenible y equitativa, y resultar en una mayor materialización y distribución más equitativa de los beneficios del desarrollo económico.
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    Municipal role in private sector development

    In many developing countries, local governments are working to create sustainable economic growth through foreign direct investment attraction and support of small and medium-sized enterprises. This document outlines how local governments in Canada created policies and programs to support economic development in their communities.
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    Promoting equitable and sustainable local economic development: Tools for Local Governments

    This toolkit provides local government officials with practical strategies for incorporating sustainability and equitability into all aspects of an LED project, from initial planning to final evaluation. Also available in Spanish.
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    Building Community Prosperity Through Local Economic Development: An Introduction to LED Principles and Practices

    This guide helps local authorities and their partners in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors move forward in their efforts to foster a more stable and sustainable future for their communities.
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    UCLG Policy Paper : Development Cooperation and Local Government

    Municipal International Cooperation and decentralised cooperation, partnership, twinning, international local government diplomacy, sister city links, and mutual assistance through capacity-building programmes and international municipal solidarity initiatives, are a vital contribution to the construction of a peaceful and sustainably developed world. Also available in Spanish.
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    The Role of Elected Mayors in Creating a Business-Friendly Environment in Carmona

    Local government leadership mobilizes  key stakeholders to create a business-friendly environment that embraces both social and economic development priorities. Also available in Spanish.
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    Cardiff Consensus for Local Economic Development

    Five hundred representatives of ministries of local government, local government associations, local governments, NGOs, academic/research organisations, development partners and the private sector from 51 countries met in Cardiff, Wales. 15-18 March 2011 for the sixth Commonwealth Local Government Conference: Energising local economies: partnerships for prosperous communities. Also available in Khmer, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
Page Updated: 08/05/2015