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Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program

Transition 2050: Grants for partner organizations

Call for expression of interest. Grants for partner organizations to help #CDNmuni meet carbon emission reduction targets. Submit your response today.

Help municipalities reach their 2050 carbon reduction targets

Interested in working with groups of municipalities to reach significant carbon emission reduction targets? We are offering grants for not-for-profit organizations to provide training, peer-learning, knowledge resources and support implementation activities to do just that.

Neighbouring communities can achieve more by working together than individually - especially on high-impact initiatives such as waste management and transportation. Through Transition 2050, partner organizations support groups of municipalities as they develop their own plans and policies to implement projects that act on emissions reductions opportunities and work toward similar climate goals. Learn about eligible initiatives, available grants and how to apply.

Partner organizations that receive grants will:

  • Lead peer-learning and training for a group of a minimum of five municipalities working towards similar carbon reduction goals and projects
  • Help municipalities identify opportunities to lower their carbon emissions through planning and strategies
  • Support the implementation of projects that move municipalities closer to their carbon emissions goals
  • Build a network sharing similar challenges and solutions in addressing existing carbon reduction challenges

Our partners will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide region or thematic-specific municipal training and support activities
  • Leverage existing networks, such as communities of practice, working groups or associations, to share best practices
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing of best practices across the country
  • Continue to help the municipal sector develop advanced carbon reduction abilities and skills though collaboration with us and other partner organizations
  • Provide a variety of activities to assist municipalities, such as: workshops; webinars; peer-learning activities; scenario or model development like energy mapping; preparation of training materials; and individual or group project planning and development

Who can apply

Grants are available to Canadian not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations (and groups of organizations), including:

  • Provincial and territorial municipal associations
  • Professional and industry associations
  • Educational institutions

Municipalities do not need to be FCM members in order to participate in this program. Eligible organizations must have a mandate to support municipalities, and have experience supporting Canada's municipal sector, in addition to delivering training, knowledge resources and information sharing activities.

Submit your organization's Expression of Interest by May 25, 2018

We invite eligible not-for-profit organizations to respond to an Expression of Interest (EOI) to organize and lead training, knowledge sharing activities and services to participating municipalities. The timeframe for the delivery of these activities is October 2018 to October 2020.

Available funding

  • Grants of up to $400,000 will be provided
  • Grants cover up to 80% of eligible project costs
  • Funds are provided on a reimbursement basis in up to four (4) disbursements over the project

Please consult the EOI for full grant details.

Which municipalities can participate in support activities?

To be eligible to participate in these activities, a municipality must:

Benefits to municipalities

By participating in this initiative, municipalities can:

  • Work towards reaching their low carbon targets through access to tools, training, and subject experts in planning, energy and climate change
  • Leverage lessons learned from municipalities facing similar challenges from across the country through assisted peer learning
  • Receive support for the development and implementation of a group or individual plan that will address their emissions reduction targets
  • Receive recognition and profile as local leaders in addressing climate change

Submit your EOI

  1. Contact us to receive the EOI.
  2. Ask questions related to the EOI.
    Deadline: May 18, 2018
  3. Submit EOI.
    Deadline: May 25, 2018 at 5 p.m. EDT
    Please include the name of your organization and title of EOI in the subject line.

We will provide notification of advancement to the application phase by July 5, 2018.

Note: These grants are not available directly to municipalities.

Page Updated: 17/04/2018