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Partners for Climate Protection

PCP member reporting requirements

The PCP program asks that all members report regularly on their progress. Regular reporting makes it easier for us to help you meet your climate change goals and achieve milestones. It also provides us with valuable information for improving the PCP program and optimizing the use of program resources.

Submit a report

PCP members are asked to submit a report every two years to the PCP program. The information in the report allows us to assess your progress and recognize that your municipality has completed the work required to achieve a milestone.

Report submission steps

Once your municipality has completed a milestone, follow these steps to submit a report:

Review the requirements for milestone recognition

Before submitting, review the submission requirements for milestone recognition. These requirements will help ensure your submission is complete so that the milestone review process is seamless and completed quickly.

Submit draft reports

  • We encourage you to submit your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, local action plan and implementation reports in draft form so that we can review them and provide feedback. The length of time required to review draft submissions varies, depending on the complexity of your project and submission.
  • If you are already using a system or tool to collect and report on this information, you can email reports to the PCP secretariat in Word, Excel or PDF format.
  • If you are reporting on milestones 1 or 2, you can submit the information using the online PCP Milestone Tool. We can provide you with access to this tool as required.

Make a formal milestone submission

  • Once you've worked with us on your draft submission, you are ready to make a formal milestone submission to the PCP secretariat.
  • We perform a general and technical review of your submission to ensure consistency with program protocols. This process takes two weeks.
  • If your submission indicates that you have met all the requirements, PCP recognizes completion of the milestone.

National Measures Report

Along with submitting your milestones, we encourage you to complete the PCP Members Survey, which will provide us with information that we can use to recognize member achievements in the 2018 National Measures Report. Download and complete the survey by January 31, 2018.

Not ready to submit a milestone yet?

  • PCP members are expected to complete all five program milestones within 10 years. If you are having difficulty, please contact us for information on resources that can help you get back on track.
  • In the meantime, we still want to hear about what your municipality has done to reduce GHG emissions. Contact us, or complete our PCP Members Survey, to share information on the GHG-reduction measures you have undertaken, and let us know that you are still an active member of the program. We may also use this information to recognize your municipality in our National Measures Report.

For members who have achieved Milestone 5

We hope that, as a Milestone 5 member, you will offer your leadership and expertise to other municipalities as you continue in your efforts to reduce GHG emissions. To remain a member:

  • Submit a progress report every two years. The report should include an update on the results of GHG reduction measures and progress against targets. Contact us for help with submitting the report.
  • Update your contact information if it has changed.

Your commitment to the PCP program

If your municipality is not able to meet the PCP program requirements right now, remember that you can always leave the program and rejoin it at a later date. You can also contact us anytime for help with submitting documentation to meet the requirements. 

Page Updated: 05/10/2017