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Partners for Climate Protection

2018 National Measures Report: Survey

Share your accomplishments in PCP’s 2018 National Measures Report. DOWNLOAD THE SURVEY

Take our GHG emissions reduction survey

Participate in our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction survey to include your municipality's achievements in our 2018 National Measures Report.

The National Measures Report is an initiative of the Partners for Climate Protection program that compiles information to show how PCP members are helping to lower Canada's GHG emissions through local government initiatives. The report encourages communities to share ideas and solutions, to better measure and report on achievements, and to continue making progress toward GHG reduction targets.

Download and complete the survey

To report on your municipality's initiatives, download the survey and submit it to ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability by email by Wednesday, January 31, 2018. You'll find full details and instructions in the survey. Once you've compiled the necessary data, it should take 15 minutes to complete the survey for each reported initiative.

You'll be asked to describe your project and provide data on:

  • Annual GHG reductions
  • Annual cost savings
  • Project implementation costs
  • Data sources and assumptions
  • Social, environmental and economic benefits related to the initiative
  • Success factors that would help other communities implement a similar project

Contact your reginal climate advisor for help

Need help completing the form? Contact the regional climate advisor in your area for free, one-on-one support. Find the name and contact information of the advisor in your region.

Showcase your municipality's GHG reduction solutions

As a participant in the report, your community will:

  • Gain visibility for your successful GHG reduction solutions
  • Help inspire other local governments to take action
  • Receive acknowledgement of your participation
  • Benefit from building your municipality's capacity to track actions, measure impacts and report on outcomes

Download the survey

Page Updated: 19/10/2017