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Partners for Climate Protection

2010 National Measures Report

The 2010 National Measures Report provides detailed examples of what Canadian municipalities are doing to reduce GHG emissions in their own operations and the wider community. Details on costs, energy savings and GHG reductions are discussed across each of the corporate and community sectors. Informative case studies are also provided, along with information on implementation, funding and replicability. This information is meant to inspire and help build capacity within municipal governments to mitigate the effects of climate change by taking substantive actions to reduce GHG emissions at the local level.


For 2010 the report looks at 182 measures that were collected from 37 municipalities across Canada. The annual greenhouse gas reductions associated with these initiatives total 350,000 tonnes and represent more than $145 million in investments. Additionally, the measures reported annual cost savings of nearly $3.5 million. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in measurement, not all of the measures collected reported information on each of these criteria; thus, the actual emission reductions, monetary investments and cost savings are considerably larger. The gap in data reported for each measure is something that must be improved in order to have a complete picture of the climate change mitigation activities being taken by communities across the country.

Page Updated: 02/03/2016