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Creating the capacity for local economic development

Bolivia receives funding from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to help its municipalities carry out local economic development (LED) initiatives. Recent decentralization by the country's central government has posed challenges for those municipalities when it comes to stimulating economic growth. In partnership with the Associations of Municipalities of Bolivia, we are working to address these challenges and build municipal capacity to contribute to sustainable and equitable LED.

MPED initiatives in Bolivia

Our Municipal Partners in Economic Development (MPED) program has been working with members of the Associations of Municipalities of Bolivia to develop and implement LED demonstration projects and models since 2003. Involving three Atlantic Canadian municipalities and one Canadian provincial association of municipalities, these projects include:

  • A partnership between Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Padilla, Bolivia, to establish a Youth Entrepreneurship Program, improve the human resources of the municipality and the organizational efficiency of the town's associations of producers/farmers.
  • Pairing representatives from the Town of Truro, Nova Scotia, and CoRDA (Colchester Regional Development Agency) with counterparts in Cliza to develop a business skills training curriculum, improve access to credit, and strengthen water conservation and management practices to enhance local agricultural production.
  • Having municipal experts from Fredericton, New Brunswick, help local authorities in Tiquipaya enhance the town's capacity for eco-tourism through development of an urban park, providing assistance with marketing, training and community engagement to create more business opportunities for Tiquipaya's citizens.

Building our partners' capacity

Our work with Bolivia's municipalities also involves helping them enhance their ability to represent the needs of their people. We provide ongoing support in areas such as organizational assessments, institutional strengthening, financial sustainability and other best practices related to municipal management, administration and training.

About Associations of Municipalities of Bolivia

Bolivia's municipalities are represented by nine departmental municipal associations, all of which in turn are represented by the Federation of Municipal Associations of Bolivia. There are 337 municipalities throughout the country: 85 in La Paz, 56 in Santa Cruz, 47 in Cochabamba, 40 in Potosi, 35 in Oruro, 29 in Chuquisaca, 19 in Beni, 15 in Pando and 11 in Tarija.

Canadian partners

Page Updated: 21/12/2015