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Burkina Faso

The latest

CADEL implementation

AMBF is continuing to work toward implementing the CADEL local economic development service, which will be a hub for local economic development services and resources. At a meeting in June 2013, AMBF's national bureau members agreed on a three-year action plan and communications strategy.

Training in Orodara

Also in June 2013, local goverment officials in Orodara attended a training session on their role in their communities' local economic development.

Mobilizing the resources needed for local development

Municipalities in Burkina Faso are responsible for their own local economic development (LED), although their efforts are often hampered by a scarcity of community resources. Many are currently focused on the priorities of implementing effective tax and revenue collection systems and improving their capacity to plan for the future.

Through the Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED) program, we are working closely with the Association of Municipalities of Burkina Faso (AMBF) on several initiatives to facilitate LED.

MPED initiatives in Burkina Faso

  • Helping the association design and establish a new local economic development service (CADEL) to respond to the needs and requests of AMBF members.
  • Establishing a local economic development office at the commune level to help elected officials and citizens in Banfora and Orodara support small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting AMBF's development of a policy paper on local government procurement constraints, with Canadian partners providing training on policy dialogue and advocacy practices.
  • Helping create a database and providing support to in-country donors and technical partners; along with participation in global networks and exposure to new ideas, the database will contribute to a number of LED activities including urban agriculture knowledge-sharing, development of a business-planning how-to manual, and member training.

More information about our goals and initiatives in Burkina Faso is available in our one-page factsheet.

About the Association of Municipalities of Burkina Faso

The Association of Municipalities of Burkina Faso (AMBF) represents 351 municipal governments across the country. Its goals include strengthening local democracy and ensuring the efficient administration of decentralized local governments. Please visit the website of the Centre d'appui au développement économique local for more information.

Canadian partners

Page Updated: 04/05/2015