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The latest

New report: Encouraging women's participation in local politics

Our new report, Encouraging and Supporting Women's Participation in Cambodian Local Politics, reviews current trends of female participation in Cambodia's local governments.

Canada in the spotlight

Cambodia's Economics Today magazine has written a pair of feature articles on the support provided by the City of Chilliwack, British Columbia, and the County of Newell, Alberta, to help local Cambodian governments stimulate LED.

Providing a framework for local economic development

Local governments in Cambodia play an important role in local economic development (LED), but the legislative framework set out by the national government does not clearly specify their economic development mandate. We are working with the National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S) to help its member associations:

  • Confront the lack of resources needed to develop local infrastructure
  • Create and deliver services to help small- and medium-sized businesses develop and grow
  • Implement strategies to improve local agricultural production outside major population centres
  • Nurture political leadership, particularly among women and youth

MPED initiatives in Cambodia

Through the Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED) program, we are partnering with the National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S) to implement demonstration projects illustrating how best practices in LED can be adapted and applied across the country. Five Cambodian local governments and four Canadian municipalities are involved in these demonstration projects, all of which are focusing initially on LED strategic planning.

Building our partners' capacity

Aligning our goals with those of the NLC/S Strategic Plan, we have identified the following areas in which we can help build the League's capacity for LED:

  • Enhancing its leadership capabilities through improved program governance and membership engagement
  • Supporting the 'mainstreaming' of gender equality and environmental sustainability among its members' projects
  • Raising overall awareness of LED among its members
  • Strengthening its capacity to conduct policy research and articulate the needs of its members to central/provincial ministries
  • Ensuring its financial sustainability through the development of proposals to better mobilize funding sources and donors

About the National League of Communes/Sangkats

The National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S) is a voluntary organization that represents the provincial associations from all 24 Cambodian provinces, which encompass 1,621 local elected councils. For more information, visit the NLC/S website.

Canadian partners

Page Updated: 18/05/2016