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Strengthening Mali's economy

In this video (in language of origin), representatives from our partner association in Mali discuss MPED's accomplishments and promote the upcoming Local Economic Development Forum in Bamako. Note: coverage begins at minute 28 of video.

Strengthening economic capacity

The Association of Municipalities of Mali (AMM) is coordinating a new LED diagnostic study with AMBF (Burkina Faso) to develop a corridor in the northern part of the country-an initiative that would also involve the cities of Mopti, Bandiagara and Ouahigouya. In June 2013, the AMM women's caucus travelled to Sikasso for an LED training session with elected officials and business women.

Good governance in Sikasso

In July 2013, the City of Sikasso received training on establishing a municipal clerk's office to improve council procedures, transparency and governance.

Building business savvy in Kadiolo

Business community members and youth associations received training on how to start a business and on cashew production.

Tapping into tourism

Municipalities have developed a regional tourism study identifying potential sites for new economic activities, and created a marketing strategy to generate these activities.

Helping Mali realize its economic potential

In Mali, decentralization has allowed municipalities to freely undertake economic, social and cultural development. While there is enormous economic potential in agriculture, industry, tourism and culture, local governments face a number of challenges in stimulating local economic development (LED):

  • Local tax and revenue collection is still in early development, making it difficult to mobilize the resources required to promote entrepreneurship
  • State-driven development projects are often disconnected from the needs and interests of the communes
  • Without access to LED knowledge, businesses focus on maintaining current economic viability rather than growth
  • Credit can be difficult to access due to a lack of specialized financial institutions and inhibitive interest rates

We are partnering with the Association of Municipalities of Mali (AMM) to address these challenges and develop the business-friendly environments necessary for economic growth.

MPED initiatives in Mali

Through our Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED) program, we work with the AMM on projects such as:

  • Creating a centre of expertise on local economic development
  • Establishing a local economic development service within the Sikasso commune to help create an LED strategy and coordinate LED efforts
  • Re-establishing the Kadiolo commune central market to support the commune's small business community
  • Creating a West African economic corridor linking communes in Mali and Burkina Faso to bolster local economies, namely in agricultural products, such as shea butter.

More information about our goals and initiatives in Mali is available in our one-page factsheet.

About the Association of Municipalities of Mali

The Association of Municipalities of Mali (AMM) represents the country's 703 municipalities as well as the District of Bamako. Its mission is to safeguard the autonomy of local governments and strengthen the role of local democracy. For more information, visit the AMM website (In language of origin).

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