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The latest

Activities at ALAT

The Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) held a capacity-building forum on resource mobilization during its annual general meeting in May 2013. ALAT also undertook a membership engagement mission in the country's lake region during which the Vice-President and ALAT staff met with members to discuss potential member services. As well, an FCM knowledge management training workshop was given to staff members of ALAT, Morogoro Municipal Council and the five rural districts.

Mission: Morogoro

Recently in Morogoro, two Canadian expert consultants took part in a diagnostic mission to identify potential mining and gem-refining projects, following which a full study was produced. In Morogoro's rural districts, a study on potential economic projects was developed in partnership with their Canadian partners. A diagnostic revealed an interest in developing ecobriquettes.

Supporting the evolution of Tanzania's economy

While ongoing fiscal decentralization is giving local authorities greater control over revenue collection and capital development, municipalities still lack full autonomy over many critical areas including financial policy and human resources.

Most local government income in Tanzania comes from government allocations-amounting to roughly 72 percent of the entire local authority budget. Local income is mainly derived from fees such as bus/taxi/car registration; licenses; and road, liquor and property taxes. However, effective local governance is challenged by central government control over local government staff recruitment and allocation, and because local government authorities (LGAs) do not have the power to increase local taxes.

MPED initiatives in Tanzania

The Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) was created in 1984 following the re-establishment of the country's local government system. As part of our Municipal Partners in Economic Development (MPED) program, we are helping the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) undertake a number of demonstration projects to ensure the conditions necessary to support effective private-sector LED activity are in place.

To help the Association enhance its ability to promote LED among its members, we are working closely with ALAT to address the following priority areas:

  • Developing a comprehensive policy guide on LED

  • Increasing membership communication and engagement on LED, including the development of new products, tools and mechanisms for knowledge exchange

  • Networking with central government stakeholders to build ALAT's credibility and visibility

  • Increasing the capacity to deliver LED services, including industry network facilitation and cluster building to support the small business sector

  • Helping rural districts in Tanzania  take a lead role in promoting regional economic growth at the local level

About the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania

With a membership of 133 district and urban authorities across mainland Tanzania, the Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) is dedicated to promoting and sustaining the goals and ideals of decentralization, including LED. For more information, visit the ALAT website.

Canadian partners

•·         City of Kitchener, Ontario 

•·         Capital Region District, British Columbia

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