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Strengthening local engagement in economic development

While local governments in Vietnam play an important role in economic development, their involvement is not clearly spelled out in the country's legal frameworks. Through the Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED) program, we're helping the Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN) represent members' needs and interests to central and provincial governments-creating the political will for greater local government participation.

In general, we're working to help ACVN members:

  • Develop the skills to address existing urban management issues
  • Confront urban growth, physical planning and land-use challenges
  • Create and deliver services to help small- and medium-sized businesses develop and grow
  • Acquire the capacity to develop project proposals and attract investments
  • Nurture political leadership, particularly among women and youth

Demonstration projects with ACVN members are showing how best practices can be adapted and applied to meet their needs.

MPED initiatives in Vietnam

  • Launching a peer-to-peer technical assistance program through which municipal officials from Nam Dinh help staff in Phu Ly, Thai Binh, Tra Vinh and Pleiku replicated successful strategies for addressing urban growth and land-use challenges; (municipal experts from Saguenay, Quebec, helped design investment plans to develop land-management capabiliites)
  • Pairing three Canadian municipalities with Vietnamese counterparts as part of a program focused on strategic planning for local economic development

Building our partners' capacity

FCM is also helping ACVN develop the foundational capacity it requires to pursue its goals and execute its current strategic plan, which calls for:

  • Advancing leadership through improved governance and member engagement
  • Strengthening human resources
  • Enhancing program governance and management capability
  • Raising members' awareness of local economic development
  • Strengthening its ability to conduct policy research
  • Developing and nurturing dialogue with national and provincial ministries
  • Strengthening financial sustainability by developing member services
  • Incorporating gender equality and environmental sustainability efforts into members' initiatives

About the Association of Cities of Vietnam

The Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN) is a voluntary organization representing almost 100 cities and towns across Vietnam. For more information, visit the ACVN website.

Canadian partners

Page Updated: 21/12/2015