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Women in Local Government

City of Montréal, QC

City of Montréal, QC


With a population of 1.74 million people, nearly 52% of whom are women, Montréal boasts female diversity that is found nowhere else in Québec: 34% of the city's women are immigrants and 59.8% of the people in Greater Montréal age 65 and over are women.

In 2008, Montréal adopted a gender-equality policy entitled Pour une participation égalitaire des femmes et des hommes à la vie de Montréal. Since then, two action plans have been developed to make Montréal an equal-opportunity city. This value is a fundamental aspect of the Charte montréalaise des droits et des responsabilités.

Although Montréal has one of the highest representations in Canada of women in municipal politics, the presence of women at decision-making levels is still a major issue for the city.

Municipal Profile

Type: Urban Population: 1.6 million
  • Indigenous Peoples: 2.2%
  • Racialized/visible minority: 31.7%
  • Neither Indigenous nor racialized/ visible minority: 66.1%
  • Recent immigrants: 13.9%
City Council City Administration
  • Female councillors:
    45 out of 103
  • Racialized councillors:
    3 out of 103
  • Indigenous councillors:
  • Female Senior Managers: 63 out of 185
  • Female Middle Managers: 750 out of 1666
  • Racialized Managers: 168
  • Indigenous Managers: 5

Community Partner

To enhance women's political presence and their participation in decision-making bodies, Montréal will support the Cité Elles MTL 2016 project, a simulated municipal council for women, with mentoring for the participants. This project will be a collaborative effort with the Conseil des Montréalaises and several elected municipal councillors.

The Ville de Montréal will also work in close cooperation with advisory boards like the Conseil interculturel de Montréal (CIM) and the Conseil Jeunesse de Montréal (CjM), as well as a number of organizations known for their expertise in this field.

Page Updated: 16/08/2016