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Women in Local Government

The City of London, ON

London Ontario


The City of London is the urban hub of southwestern Ontario, with a population of approximately 381,000 people. Of this population base, two per cent are Aboriginal and 16 per cent are visible minorities, while 73 per cent are of European descent.

City council is strongly committed to furthering the principles of diversity, equality and inclusivity. In 2013, the city participated in FCM's Head Start for Young Women program and produced a documentary, called 25% to reflect the percentage of elected officials in Canada who are women. The film (online at started an ongoing conversation that highlights the importance of hearing from all voices in the community throughout the decision-making process, and of achieving equal representation for women in politics and civic life.

London looks forward to continuing this conversation, and Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy explains the importance of being part of Diverse Voices for Change:

"We know that women face barriers when participating in decision-making processes and when seeking leadership positions. We also know that women are over-represented when it comes to issues such as poverty, safety and housing. These challenges are magnified for racialized, indigenous and immigrant women. It is absolutely essential that we, as a community, continue to build upon and improve the collaboration and cooperation necessary to address the barriers faced by women."

In the words of Deputy Mayor Cassidy, "As a community, London has made progress but we still have work ahead of us. We're excited to build new partnerships and to increase women's — especially women from diverse communities — participation in politics and civic life in London."

Municipal Profile

Type: Urban Population: 366,151
  • Indigenous Peoples: 2%
  • Racialized/visible minority: 16%
  • Neither Indigenous nor racialized/ visible minority: 82%
  • Recent immigrants: 15%
City Council City Administration
  • Female councillors:
    4 out of 14
  • Racialized councillors:
    2 out of 14
  • Indigenous councillors: 0
  • Female Senior Managers: 23 out of 64
  • Female Middle Managers: 81 out of 124
  • Racialized Managers: Statistics not available
  • Indigenous Managers: Statistics not available

Community Partner

Women and Politics is a citizen-led initiative that seeks to engage and increase the participation of women in the City of London in the political landscape. Women and Politics envisions a community with more equal access, equal power and equal representation. Its activities include supporting candidates, engaging citizens by creating safe, inclusive spaces for women and breaking down barriers so that all women have the ability to vote, run for office and participate in civic life.

Page Updated: 16/08/2016