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Women in Local Government

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout, ON

The Municipality of Sioux Lookout, ON


The Municipality of Sioux Lookout is a hub with a population of 5,500 that also serves as a health and service hub for 29 remote First Nations communities.

Chief Administrative Officer Ann Mitchell is motivated to be a part of Diverse Voices for Change: “We have a culturally diverse community and we strive to have this reflected in our municipal Council. We are extremely interested in finding more avenues to move this forward.”

With support from Councillor Yolaine Kirlew and Councillor Joyce Timpson, Mitchell passionately explains: “Our community is 50-60 per cent First Nations. We currently do not have this representation in our staff, on our committees or on Council. We would like to change that so the municipality is representative of our community.”

Sioux Lookout was one of the first municipalities in Canada to sign a Friendship Accord with three neighbouring First Nations communities. Signed in 2012, the accord  has been the cornerstone to building partnerships in the community.

The municipality has plans to partner with its Anti-Racism Committee; established in 1989 to promote cooperation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Municipal Profile

Type: Rural Northern Population: 5,037
  • Indigenous Peoples: 35%
  • Racialized/visible minority: 2%
  • Neither Indigenous or racialized/ visible minority: 63%
  • Recent immigrants: Statistics not available
City Council City Administration
  • Female councillors:
    2 out of 6
  • Racialized councillors:
    2 out of 6
  • Indigenous councillors: 0
  • Female Senior Managers: 6 out of 12
  • Female Middle Managers: 3 out of 5
  • Racialized Managers: 1
  • Indigenous Managers: 0

Community Partner

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Page Updated: 16/08/2016