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Women in Local Government

About the Program

Young women face a range of barriers to their full participation in public life. Increasing the participation of women in civic, political and community life starts with helping young women get there.

Through the Head Start for Young Women program, women municipal politicians and groups of young women come together to identify the barriers to young women's participation in civil society and local politics in their own communities. The women politicians and young women then create and implement a project to address some of these barriers, all with the support of FCM's expertise in the area of women's participation in local government.

Participating focus communities

FCM is working with six local government officials chosen through a nation-wide selection process. Over the course of the program, participating elected officials are working with a core group of young women, ages 16-24, within their own communities. These core working groups will move through the phases of the program; conducting a needs assessment, community consultation, project planning, project implementation and then finally celebration! All with the goal of deepening their understanding of young women's experiences of barriers to participation in local government, and then taking action based on these understandings.

Program resources

Stay tuned for new program resources you can use to support the participation of young women in local government  in your own community, including:

  • A Head Start for Young Women toolkit — a guide with resources and best practices for implementing the Head Start for Young Women program
  • Reference Document — recommendations from participants in Head Start for Young Women to local governments interested in supporting young women

Page Updated: 30/04/2018