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Women in Local Government

Head Start for Young Women Groups

Six communities from across the nation are participating in FCM's Head Start for Young Women program! This year, expect great things from: Grand Forks, BC; London, ON; Ottawa, ON; Gatineau, QC; Bathurst, NB; and Rigolet, NL. The six communities have been selected to ensure representation across the country, rural and urban realities as well as both English and French speaking communities. By selecting communities with a wide range of characteristics, FCM hopes that many local governments will see the value of this program and choose to replicate the work using the Head Start for Young Women toolkit.

In our own words...

  • Grand Forks, BC

    Grand Forks, BC

    "The Head Start program has been an amazing way to get involved with my community, and I've learned so much about how my city really functions. It's been an awesome eye opener to how politics works." — Jaclyn Salter
  • London, ON

    London, ON

    "The underrepresentation of women in the political sphere is an issue that needs to be discussed. Through Head Start, we can engage in this discussion with young women. The goal is to not only have equal representation of women and men, but to ensure that our voices are heard." — Kate Bowley
  • Ottawa, ON

    Ottawa, ON

    "It seems absurd that women make up half of the general population, but have only 24.6% representation in the House of Commons and 36.1% in the Senate. Programs like Head Start are fantastic in encouraging young women into political engagement and actively fighting the gender gap and I know for me, personally, FCM Head Start has been seminal in my development as a politically involved individual!" — Amy Zhou
  • Gatineau, QC

    Gatineau, QC

    "Our initiative 'PolitiquElle', created through the program Head Start, offers the opportunity to become aware of the underrepresentation of women in municipal politics and to take concrete action to remedy this problematic." — Caroline Desrochers
  • Bathurst, NB

    Bathurst, NB

    "It is important that more young women become informed on politics, as we are needed in the municipal field.  I wanted to be apart of the Bathurst Head Start Committee to be able to put forth my own opinion and hopefully inspire more females to become involved with politics. I am so grateful to be apart of this project, as I believe it is an awesome opportunity to reach out to women and inform them on the possibilities of becoming involved with municipal politics because it is extremely important." — Dana Legacy
  • Rigolet, NFLD

    Rigolet, NFLD

    "It is important that women's voices are heard, voices for change. Everyone looks at stuff differently, man or woman, we need both. I think council needs the voice of a younger person because I knows what would be good for my age people and the younger ones." — Roxanne Michelin 
Page Updated: 30/04/2018