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Women in Local Government

Grand Forks, BC

The City of Bathurst is one of six communities across Canada participating in the Head Start for Young Women program. This active and committed group of young women are working with the support of Councillor Anne-Marie Gammon as well as Councillor Michelle Branch. Recruited through local high schools, colleges, universities and community organizations, these Head Start participants come from across the City of Bathurst.

Head Start Bathurst has spent time clarifying their own understandings of the underrepresentation of young women in local government. Following this, Head Start Bathurst is consulting with women elected to various levels of government, including the Honourable Marie-Claude Blais, Minister responsible for Women's Equality for New Brunswick. Additionally, the group is also undertaking broader community consultation through a widely-circulated online survey.

Stay tuned for updates on the Head Start project in Bathurst!

Page Updated: 08/09/2016