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Women in Local Government

Grand Forks, BC

The City of Grand Forks is one of six communities across Canada participating in the Head Start for Young Women program. Councillor Cher Wyers is working with a dynamic and engaged group of young women as well as the support of community mentors Teresa Taylor and Myrna Logan.

Grand Forks City Council has endorsed the FCM Head Start for Young Women Program and has resolved to provide additional funding to the local program as part of their strategic succession planning seeing the potential for continued youth engagement in local politics.

This group has spent time carefully considering their own perspectives on the barriers they experience when it comes to participating in local government. Following this, the group consulted their community through a series of one-to-one interviews which explored community members' views of young women and local government. Using all of this information the group was able to create an extensive list of prospective projects to increase young women's participation.

Currently the group is evaluating a number of project ideas that will respond to the barriers that young women face in their own community.

Stay tuned to know more about the actions Head Start Grand Forks will be taking!


Page Updated: 08/09/2016