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Women in Local Government

Ottawa, ON

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson is leading Head Start Ottawa - a large, diverse and engaged group of young women from across the City of Ottawa. This group came together through a city-wide open call for applications.

Since its inception Ottawa Head Start has been meeting regularly to analyse the underrepresentation of young women in local government. This group undertook a significant consultation process, meeting with young women in many high schools and universities in Ottawa. Head Start Ottawa also consulted extensively with women in the community established in the political field as well as those working explicitly on the issue of women's underrepresentation.

As a result of an evaluation of their own experiences and consultation with the broader community Head Start Ottawa has decided to create a workshop with suggested resources for community leaders which is designed to help encourage young women to become familiar and interested in politics, and feel confident getting involved in causes they care about.

Be sure to consult their handbook for educators and community leaders, Giving a Head Start to Young Women in Politics.

Page Updated: 08/09/2016