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Women in Local Government

Protégé Program

Protégé Program for young women

The Protégé Program worked to engage young Canadian women (ages 18 - 28) interested in becoming leaders and decision-makers in municipal government. The program was based on shadowing and mentoring with an elected official.

Protégé modeled itself after the City of Toronto's Protégé Program, which began in 2008. FCM expanded the Toronto model to suit a diverse cross-section of Canadian communities: northern and francophone, as well as communities having significant Aboriginal or visible minority populations.

Protégé participants gain related skills, knowledge of and experience in the role of diverse women councillors. They also learn about the work of municipal government. During and after the program, the young women are encouraged to run for positions on municipal agencies, boards and commissions, as a way to become involved in local issues. This, in turn, helps develop their interest in, and capacity for, serving on municipal governments.

FCM worked with four pilot communities to ensure two things: that the Protégé Program's deliverables (such as the number of young women who go through the program) - and the program's outputs (such as templates, guidebooks and other materials) will be relevant to diverse municipalities across Canada.

Protégé guides offer information for municipalities and program participants

FCM has published two guides to help municipalities encourage young women to get involved in municipal government. The guides serve as key resources for those participating in the Protégé Program.

Protégé program: community and mentor guide: This guide provides helpful information for municipalities that seek to promote the role of women in municipal politics through the Protégé Program.

Protégé program: participant guide: This document offers useful insight for young women who have entered into the Protégé program, to help them to get the most out of their experience.

Additional Resources

FCM offers a range of document templates to speed the implementation of the Protégé Program and help your community achieve its objectives faster.

Page Updated: 07/09/2016