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Women in Local Government

Protégé Resources

FCM offers a range of document templates to speed the implementation of the Protégé Program and help your community achieve its objectives faster. Templates include: a sample work plan, a suggested list of activities and a press release template. Explore our library and use the templates that work best for your municipality in combination with your own resources and expertise. Customize the templates by adding your municipal logo and information.

  • PDF Document

    Community and Mentor Guide

    This guide provides helpful information for municipalities that seek to promote the role of women in municipal politics through the Protégé Program.
  • PDF Document

    Participant Guide

    This document offers useful insight for young women who have entered into the Protégé program, to help them to get the most out of their experience.
  • Microsoft Excel Document


    A time reporting system will help you to keep track of the number of hours spent with your protégé, and the number of hours she is spending doing other activities
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Suggested Activities

    List of suggested activities you can do with your protégé, as well as possible learning opportunities the protégés can do as a group
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Self-identification Form

    We ask that you have the protégés sign self-identification sheets so they may choose to identify as members of designated groups for the purposes of employment equity
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Resolution to council

    Example of a resolution to a municipal council on creating a Protégé Program that you can modify for your community.
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Press Release

    A press release can help to convey a clear message about the program to the public
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Rejection Letter

    Sample rejection letter
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Offer Letter

    Sample letter of acceptance
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Evaluation Forms

    Your thoughts on the experience will help inform similar programs across Canada
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Activity Plan

    An activity plan will be helpful for you both to determine what sort of meetings and events you and your protégé can attend together
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Application Form

    Sample application form, which can be tailored to the needs of your municipality
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Photo Consent Forms

    We recommend that all participants sign a release, allowing both you and FCM to use photographs taken during the program for its activities, at its events and in its promotional material
  • Microsoft Word Document

    In-kind Contribution Report Form

    An in-kind contribution is any item or service that is donated to the program without an exchange of cash
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Confidentiality Agreement - Computer Use

    Sample confidentiality agreement for computer use
  • Microsoft Word Document

    Confidentiality Agreement

    Sample confidentiality agreement
Page Updated: 30/04/2018