Green Municipal Fund – Working with you every step of the way

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You are here. You are facing some real challenges. Financing. Policy constraints. Public demands. You need ideas for creative solutions that can help you move your project from vision to reality.

Your needs are real, and they’re centred on building a more sustainable future for your community, attracting investment and talent. You have a clear view of where you need to go, but you know it’s going to take real effort, skill and perhaps even a bit of luck to get there.

We are the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and our Green Municipal Fund is a unique program that supports the ground-breaking work of leaders who are driving change in their communities. If that sounds like you keep watching.

At GMF we are here to help municipalities and their partners on the ground. Here’s how we do it.

First, we inspire new thinking by sharing the best in green solutions all proven through the practical experiences of your peers.

Second, we are committed to connecting you to other leaders in the field because we know it will support your current thinking and ideas and generate new ones.

Third, we can help you with the tools, practical training and grants you need to build a strong case for local sustainability. And we can help you by providing much needed financing for leading-edge projects.
Back to your view of the path that lies ahead.

The Green Municipal Fund is your partner in sustainability. Offering you the tools and resources that can help you move your project forward in areas as diverse as brownfields, energy performance, water performance and waste reduction.

By the way, this program is not just aimed at major municipalities. We know that innovation comes from leaders in cities and towns of all sizes. Each with their own unique needs and challenges.

Drawing upon the results and lessons learned from over a thousand initiatives funded for the past 15 years. The Green Municipal Fund is all about you. Local leaders who are setting new standards for greener communities and building momentum for sustainability in Canada.

When all is said and done, it is your contributions that create the lessons of success that can help us build a stronger more sustainable Canada.

The Green Municipal Fund; working with you every step of the way.