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Green Municipal Fund

Award Winners

See how our Sustainable Communities Awards winners are making sustainability a reality with innovative sustainability planning initiatives.

  • Guelph plans an innovative new carbon neutral community

    Guelph plans an innovative new carbon neutral community

    A new sustainable community in Guelph, ON, will create a unique live-work space connected to the larger city.
  • Local road-sharing projects enable active transportation in Montreal

    Local road-sharing projects enable active transportation in Montreal

    Small-scale projects in Montreal, QC, neighbourhoods add up to big improvements in the city's pedestrian and bicycle culture.
  • 2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards — Neighbourhood Development Plan

    2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards — Neighbourhood Development Plan

    The rural municipality of Austin, with its rich biodiversity, developed a sustainable management action plan to preserve the many ecosystems found throughout its territory. Supported by FCM's Green Municipal Fund.
  • 2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards — Neighbourhood Development Project

    2016 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards — Neighbourhood Development Project

    When the Village of Marwayne was faced with a failing water system in a faltering downtown, it repaired its aging infrastructure and took a giant leap forward in terms of community renewal. Now Center Street is a draw for crowds and a boon for business. Supported by FCM's Green Municipal Fund.
  • 2015 Neighbourhood Development Plan

    2015 Neighbourhood Development Plan

    The Montréal Borough of Saint-Laurent, QC, has begun implementing a redevelopment plan that will create a mixed-use, urban neighbourhood within a one-kilometre radius around the current Bois-Franc train station and the future intermodal (train/subway) station. 
  • 2015 Neighbourhood Development Plan — Honourable Mention

    2015 Neighbourhood Development Plan — Honourable Mention

    Spurred on by its success as a co-host for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the City of Richmond, BC, has developed a suite of plans to ensure enhanced sustainability as the population of its downtown doubles over the next 25 years, and triples by the end of the century.
  • 2014 Neighbourhood Development Plan

    2014 Neighbourhood Development Plan

    Developed in close consultation with the local community, the Iqaluit Sustainable Community Plan redefines sustainability in a dynamic, relationship-based approach that puts people at the centre.
  • 2014 Neighbourhood Development Project

    2014 Neighbourhood Development Project

    To optimize key flood protection infrastructure and promote active living in nearby neighbourhoods, the City of Toronto created Corktown Common.
  • 2013 Energy Projects ― Co-winner 2

    2013 Energy Projects ― Co-winner 2

    The City of Summerside set up a 12-megawatt wind farm in 2009.
  • 2013 Neighbourhood Development Category

    2013 Neighbourhood Development Category

    The Town of Qualicum Beach engaged the community to create a comprehensive sustainability plan to establish a vision for Qualicum Beach in 2050.
  • 2012 Planning - Co-winner 1

    2012 Planning - Co-winner 1

    Implementing Vancouver's Greenest City Action Plan in place involved thousands of hours of volunteer time and more than two years of consultation.
  • 2012 Planning - Co-winner 2

    2012 Planning - Co-winner 2

    In 2009, the Town of Drayton Valley developed a Community Sustainability Plan that now guides all departmental operations.
  • 2012 Planning - Neighbourhood

    2012 Planning - Neighbourhood

    Terrebonne's Urbanova project is based on a plan that integrates environmental, economic and social development.
  • 2012 Residential Development

    2012 Residential Development

    Summerland adopted an updated Zoning Bylaw in September 2011, along with minor updates to the Official Community Plan to allow higher densities and new intensification zones.
  • 2011 Integrated Neighbourhood Development

    2011 Integrated Neighbourhood Development

    The initial architectural plans for Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 1963 conceived of a dense residential community surrounding the new university.
  • 2011 Planning – Co-winner 1

    2011 Planning – Co-winner 1

    Starting in 2005, 18,000 citizens of Calgary worked together to envision their future well into the next century. The process that established the city's long-term vision was called imagineCALGARY.
  • 2011 Planning – Co-winner 2

    2011 Planning – Co-winner 2

    Yellowknife's northern geography, coupled with complex historical, political and resource-related issues, presents unique challenges for community development.
  • 2011 Residential Development

    2011 Residential Development

    The City of Victoria has a long history of permitting secondary suites in older and larger homes.
  • 2010 Planning

    2010 Planning

    Imagine Our Future is a joint initiative between the City of Williams Lake, its community partners, the Williams Lake Indian Band and Soda Creek Indian Band, and the community at large to envision a successful and sustainable Williams Lake in 2030 and create transition strategies to get there.
  • 2010 Residential Development

    2010 Residential Development

    Influencing supply to meet the range of housing needs is a huge challenge to every municipality.
  • 2009 Planning

    2009 Planning

    The ISO 14001 standard represents the strongest possible commitment to environmental management, and few municipalities in the world have applied it as broadly to their operations as the City of Edmonton.
  • 2009 Residential Development – Co-winner 1

    2009 Residential Development – Co-winner 1

    In preparation for the 2010 Olympics, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) built a temporary athletes' village which will be converted into a sustainable, compact, pedestrian-oriented community after the Olympics.
  • 2009 Residential Development – Co-winner 2

    2009 Residential Development – Co-winner 2

    The City of Langford designed the Affordable Housing, Parks and Amenity Contribution (AHPAC) Policy to increase the availability of affordable housing, improve ecological health and enhance public amenities in the community.
  • 2008 Planning

    2008 Planning

    In September 2005, faced with a large-scale development project that would essentially double its population, the City of Pickering began to research and implement a city-wide sustainability project called Sustainable Pickering.
  • 2008 Residental Development

    2008 Residental Development

    Through financial incentives and a streamlined development process, the City of Kitchener was able to guarantee the successful transformation of an industrial wasteland into "The Intowns," a 128-unit townhouse live-work residential community.
  • 2007 Planning

    2007 Planning

    More than 18,000 citizens of Calgary helped to create a 100-year vfor their city.
  • 2007 Residential Development

    2007 Residential Development

    In April 2006, the Town of East Gwillimbury in York Region acted on its commitment to environmental stewardship, the first pillar of its 2005 strategic plan, by mandating that Energy Star® standards be applied in all new home developments in the town.
  • 2006 Planning

    2006 Planning

    Stemming from an impressive community engagement process that brought together more than 70 organizations in partnership with the City, Montréal has identified two dozen projects to tackle in the first year of its five-year sustainability plan.
  • 2006 Planning – Co-winner 2

    2006 Planning – Co-winner 2

    Declines in the forestry and fishing industries prompted Ucluelet to turn to tourism to sustain its economy.
  • 2006 Residential Development

    2006 Residential Development

    The 250-hectare neighbourhood of East Clayton in Surrey was designated as "urban" in 1996, setting the stage for an unprecedplan to increase residential density, promote social cohesion and maximize afford-ability and walkability.
Page Updated: 16/07/2013