Canadians count on local governments for good roads and bridges, efficient public transit, reliable water and waste systems, quality recreational facilities and so much more. In fact, municipalities build and maintain 60 percent of the core public infrastructure that supports our economy and quality of life.

We have a track record of securing federal tools that help municipalities succeed with their infrastructure. These include predictable Canada Community-Building Fund support for core infrastructure, and since 2015 we've fostered unprecedented, long-term investments in transit, social, rural and green infrastructure. Our programs are another way we help municipalities increase their ability to make every infrastructure dollar go further.

Municipalities are also creating local solutions to infrastructure challenges across the country. These range from economic growth to public safety and climate change. We advocate for modern fiscal tools that help them build tomorrow’s Canada: one that's livable, inclusive and sustainable.

Growing the Canada Community-Building Fund

Read about FCM’s campaign to grow the Canada Community-Building Fund, one of the best and most reliable tools that municipalities have to fund crucial infrastructure.

Canada’s public infrastructure owned by local governments
jobs generated per $1B invested in infrastructure
economic growth generated per $1B invested
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Broadband Internet access is essential in the modern age, yet too many rural Canadians live without it. We’re helping to bring reliable high-speed Internet to every community across Canada.

Climate and sustainability

Scaling up local green innovation is the key to tackling climate change. We help communities become more sustainable and better prepared for extreme weather.

Public transit

Public transit is the backbone of livable, competitive and sustainable cities. We're shaping groundbreaking federal investments to kick-start the next era of world-class public transit in Canada.

Rural, northern and remote

Rural, northern and remote communities are integral to Canada’s economy and quality of life. With our advocacy and support, their local governments are building a brighter future.
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Green Municipal Fund

We bring local sustainability projects to life—and help build better lives for Canadians.
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