Housing is more than just a roof over your head. Safe, affordable housing makes our cities and communities welcoming places to live, work and start a business. It's also key to retaining workers and attracting newcomers to enrich our neighbourhoods and drive economic growth.

The federal government's National Housing Strategy, which was announced in 2017, responds to many of our recommendations. Now we are working hard to shape its rollout: replacing expiring social housing rent subsidies, tackling backlogged social housing repairs, and building the next generation of affordable housing.

Continuing leadership from all orders of government is necessary to tackle the housing affordability crisis, and local expertise should be engaged at every step along the way. Together, we can make sure everyone in Canada can access a safe, decent and affordable place to call home.

renters spending more than half their income on housing
economic growth generated per $1B invested in housing
household debt resulting from mortgages
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Inclusive communities

Canada works better when everyone can achieve their potential. We help build inclusive communities that ease the economic and social barriers people face in their everyday lives.
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