Municipalities play a crucial role in the lives of Canadians and propel our country forward. Every day, Canadian families and businesses rely on municipal roads and bridges, transit services, clean water and wastewater amenities, policing, emergency and public health services, environmental maintenance, as well as social, recreational and cultural facilities, public events and programs, and much more.

With Canada’s growing population, our acute national challenges—including housing and homelessness, mental health, protecting our communities from the impacts of climate change, community safety and renewing core infrastructure—are more pressing than ever. Municipalities are rising to the challenge with leadership and innovation but are constrained by an outdated revenue framework never designed for the realities of 2023.

Our country’s successful growth is intrinsically linked with our cities, towns and communities. That’s why Canada’s municipalities, through FCM, are calling for a new Municipal Growth Framework that empowers local governments with a tool that grows with Canada’s national population and economy, ensuring they can continue to lead Canada’s national challenges on the ground.

FCM CEO Carole Saab spoke to the need for a new Municipal Growth Framework at our 2023 Annual Conference and Tradeshow.


Hear why local leaders are calling for a new Municipal Growth Framework



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