The first round of applications for CanWILL’s Inclusive Community Initiatives (ICI) is now open! 

A total of 20 to 25 inclusive community initiatives will be funded through two rounds of applications. In this first round, we will select 10 to 12 initiatives of $5,000 to $10,000 each. Activities are expected to begin by March 2022.  

Local governments from all regions of the country are invited to apply. Note that we will prioritize initiatives intended to serve underrepresented women, including Indigenous, Black and other racialized women, as well as youth and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. 

Deadline to apply: November 5, 2021. 

To obtain all the forms you must complete and include with your application, please contact:  

Then, please apply here.

Why CanWILL?

Despite gains toward equal political representation, there continues to be an important gender gap in leadership for all orders of government in Canada. In 2021, women hold just over a quarter of municipal council seats. This democratic deficit is even more pronounced for women from diverse or marginalized backgrounds. FCM wants to help close this gap because Canada is better served when women and diverse communities contribute their insights and expertise. Their voices enrich our political discourse and inform decision-making.

Canadian Women In Local Leadership (CanWILL) is a three-year project (2021-2024) that is part of FCM’s portfolio of social inclusion initiatives. The project aims to increase the participation and retention of women in municipal leadership and support a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment in municipal governance processes. The project will prioritize underrepresented women, including Indigenous, Black and other racialized women, as well as youth and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. The project leverages the success of FCM’s Toward Parity in Municipal Politics (2018-2020) and Diverse Voices (2016-2018) initiatives.

CanWILL aims to achieve four core objectives:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of women, particularly diverse women, to run for elected office 
  2. Creating a more conducive context for women leaders to thrive
  3. Enhancing the capacity of municipal stakeholders to address gender-based violence and harassment
  4. Mobilizing knowledge and sharing best practices across municipalities

CanWILL is implemented in partnership with FCM’s membership, provincial and territorial associations (PTAs), as well as key national partners and local stakeholders. It is funded by the federal government through Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE). 

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