Western municipal leaders are on the front lines of economic uncertainty. Every day, we see people losing their livelihoods, their homes and their hopes for the future.  As the order of government closest to Canadians, we’re determined to help build better lives.

FCM’s Western Economic Solutions Taskforce (WEST) unites municipal leaders from western communities of all sizes. We’re leading important conversations between the municipal and federal orders of government to find solutions for struggling communities. We’re also ensuring the municipal perspectives of western communities are heard at the federal level.

WEST is exploring short, medium and long-term solutions in four focus areas:

  • getting resources and products to market;
  • energy development, climate policy and regulation;
  • supporting communities to diversify economies;
  • municipal infrastructure and fiscal sustainability.

Municipal leaders are problem solvers, and our extensive frontline insight is our strength. WEST will bring forward concrete recommendations for the federal government to adopt—and for municipalities across the country to share and build on. Because we all have a stake in a strong and united Canada.

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WEST unites municipal leaders from western communities of all sizes. By bringing together mayors, reeves, councillors and presidents of municipal associations—representing hundreds of rural and urban communities—we’re ensuring that a full range of western municipal perspectives are heard at the federal level.

  • Randy Goulden, FCM Regional Chair – WEST Chair
  • Bill Karsten, FCM President
  • Garth Frizzell, FCM First Vice-President
  • Darren Hill, FCM Third Vice-President
  • Al Kemmere, President of RMA – WEST Vice Chair
  • Ralph Groening, President of AMM
  • Barry Morishita, President of AUMA
  • Maja Tait, President of UBCM
  • Ray Orb, President of SARM and FCM Rural Forum Chair
  • Gordon Barnhart, President of SUMA
  • Charlie Clark, Mayor of Saskatoon – WEST Vice Chair
  • Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary
  • Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton and BCMC Chair
  • Michael Fougere, Mayor of Regina
  • Brian Bowman, Mayor of Winnipeg
  • Joanne Vanderheyden, FCM Second Vice-President *ex-officio
  • Vicki-May Hamm, FCM Past President *ex-officio
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