Rural, northern and remote communities are central to the Canadian way of life. Our country depends on the farmers who grow our food, the industries that bring our natural resources to market and countless businesses headquartered in small communities in sectors from manufacturing to tourism.

When it comes to strengthening the infrastructure that supports local life and commerce, rural governments face unique challenges such as scale, geography, climate and demographics. Access to predictable investments in rural roads, bridges and in inter-city transportation options are crucial for these communities. We continue to secure and shape unprecedented federal investment tools to strengthen rural, northern and remote communities. And with support from our programs, local governments can increase their capacity to excel by strengthening their asset management practices, acting on climate priorities and more.

Our members also connect through our Rural Forum and Northern and Remote Forum to champion key priorities—from applying a rural lens to federal programs, to advocating for truly universal broadband Internet access in communities of all sizes. We're all working together to solve critical challenges in rural, northern and remote Canadian communities.

National GDP generated in non-metro areas
Canadians living outside census metropolitan areas
Rate of temperature increase in Canada’s North compared to southern regions
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Broadband Internet access is essential in the modern age, yet too many rural Canadians live without it. We’re helping to bring reliable high-speed Internet to every community across Canada.

Climate and sustainability

Scaling up local green innovation is the key to tackling climate change. We help communities become more sustainable and better prepared for extreme weather.


Local governments own approximately 60 percent of the public infrastructure that supports our economy and quality of life. Through advocacy and support, we help them build a stronger Canada.
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