Thousands of Canadians die each year from opioid overdoses. As the crisis spreads, cities and local first responders are on the front lines, reviving people from overdoses, distributing overdose-prevention drugs and educating the public about the dangers of illegal opioid use. And municipalities are piloting and implementing community-based solutions.

Together with our Big City Mayors’ Caucus, we are leading the call for a coordinated national response by all orders of government. And we have seen progress, including steps toward a national standard for overdose data, a meaningful federal response on harm reduction and emergency funds for treatment.

Our top priority is expanding access to a variety of treatment options. Reviving people from overdoses and sending them back to the streets or their homes is not a long-term solution. All orders of government need to work together to build real pathways to treatment, making the most of frontline expertise at every step along the way.

Canadians who died from opioid overdoses in 2017
2017 overdose deaths ruled accidental
5-year funding in Federal Budget 2018 to help tackle the crisis
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