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FCM has secured unprecedented tools and influence for municipalities of all sizes—from historic infrastructure, housing and broadband investments, to a one-time doubling of the federal Gas Tax Fund transfer. Now more than ever, Canada looks to FCM members to deliver local solutions to big national challenges.

The key to our success is our members. FCM brings together nearly 2,000 municipalities of all sizes—representing more than 90 percent of Canadians. The federal government knows that FCM represents a strong and united municipal voice. It’s how we get results.

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What FCM does for its members

  • We unite local governments of all sizes. With 2,000 members representing more than 90 percent of Canadians, we are the trusted and respected national voice of municipalities.
  • We shape the national agenda. With unprecedented influence and access to key federal decision-makers in every party, we’re driving historic investments in municipal priorities.
  • We provide unique tools. Our expert policy analysis—on legalized cannabis, rights of way, and more—informs and empowers members to address emerging local issues.
  • We build local capacity. Our national and international programs—on everything from sustainability to reconciliation—offer funding, training and resources to communities.
  • We defend municipal interests. Through our Legal Defense Fund, we intervene in precedent-setting federal cases to defend municipal jurisdiction.
  • We connect local leaders. Our Annual Conference and Sustainable Communities Conference attract thousands of municipal leaders—as well as federal party leaders.

What FCM has achieved for its members

FCM has secured historic gains at the federal level—empowering local leaders to build better lives.

  • The $180-billion federal infrastructure plan to support key local projects, from public transit to wastewater system upgrades.
  • Canada’s first-ever national housing strategy, including key commitments to repair and build affordable housing across the country.
  • The doubling of this year’s federal Gas Tax Fund transfer, with an additional $2.2 billion to get local projects off the ground faster.
  • A strengthened seat at the table through unprecedented engagement with federal, provincial and territorial ministers, as well as opposition leaders and the Prime Minister.
  • A $2 billion rural and northern infrastructure fund, with higher federal contributions and commitments to streamline project administration.
  • A 10-year federal transit plan, with direct allocations that put municipalities in the driver’s seat—from project selection to delivery.
  • Better access to high-speed broadband Internet through significant investments in bringing connectivity to every community.
  • Nearly $1 billion for Green Municipal Fund leadership on energy efficiency, as well as new capacity-building programs on asset management and climate innovation.
  • Key Election 2019 commitments—from getting more infrastructure and transit projects built to bringing a rural lens to federal programs and policies.


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Member benefits
As an FCM member, you get exclusive benefits that will make your municipality stronger.
You’ll get to bring local priorities and solutions to the national agenda through FCM’s unprecedented access to federal decision-makers.
You’ll get to connect with thousands of other municipalities—in Canada and internationally—to share knowledge that can help strengthen your community.
You’ll get access to tools, tips and analysis from FCM’s policy experts and capacity-building programs that can help you fulfill your mandate.
You’ll help make history as empowered local governments come together as one united voice to shape Canada’s future.
FCM CEO Brock Carlton, Edmonton Mayor John Iveson, and Minister Bill Morneau

FCM brings together nearly 2,000 municipalities, representing 90 percent of Canadians. Our members understand the same thing: when we're united, we all benefit.

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Legal Defense Fund

Our Legal Defense Fund covers our costs when we represent members' interests in federal cases and policies that affect municipalities across Canada.

Looking for funding opportunities?

We may be able to fund part of your innovative, sustainability-related municipal project. We fund plans, studies, pilot projects, capital projects and more.

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