There are ways to address the impacts of climate change and reduce its effects in your community. Both are important to providing your residents with a high quality of life.

Our funding, resources and training can help you develop a response to climate change that protects your residents, environment and economy. You'll be able to take concrete actions such as assessing flood risks, reducing GHG emissions from waste collection trucks, encouraging residents to use less polluting forms of transportation and creating environmentally sound policies (e.g., no idling).

This five-year, $75 million program will support more than 600 municipalities like yours as you work to update your infrastructure and address climate change.

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Get help from regional climate advisors

Does your municipality need free, expert advice and support to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? FCM now offers free services and training from environmental experts, known as FCM’s regional climate advisors, for municipalities that are members of the FCM-ICLEI Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. Funding for this initiative is delivered by FCM’s Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program and provided by the Government of Canada.

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The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is a five-year $75-million program, delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

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