Are you interested in learning more about asset management practices and infrastructure planning?

Check out these asset management resources. FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program’s partner organizations developed these guides, articles and reports to help municipalities advance their asset management practices.

Case studies: Asset management projects

Are you looking for inspiration for projects or resources that can help you to develop your asset management approach? Check out these resources.

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Tips for working with an asset management consultant

Is your municipality thinking of hiring an asset management consultant? Discover tips that help you avoid challenges, get the most value and articulate what you need to make your project a success.

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Guide: Getting started with asset management in your municipality

This guide outlines the steps you can take to start implementing asset management practices in five different competency areas: Policy and governance; People and leadership; Data and information; Planning and decision-making; and Contribution to asset management practice.

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Tool: Asset management readiness scale

Use our Asset Management Readiness Scale to assess your municipality's asset management practices and identify areas for improvement to help you advance.

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Tool: Starting the asset management conversation in your municipality

Share our ready-to-use, customizable presentation with your municipal council to raise awareness of asset management and its value to your community. Download it today.

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Guide: Questions to ask before your municipality considers asset management software

While there is no official definition of “asset management software,” this document refers to applications designed to help you collect, manage, store, visualise and/or analyze your asset-related data.

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Guide: Asset management resources for beginners

Check out these beginner asset management resources from across the country.

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Asset management concepts

Check out this list of common asset management concepts and their definitions.

Asset management 101 resources
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The Joy of Governing

Discover this how to guide for optimal governance from the Association of Yukon Communities. This resource was designed to help municipal leaders in their public service journey.

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Asset Management 101 Booklet

Communities need to make the best possible infrastructure decisions with scarce resources for both today’s users and future generations. The Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) developed this booklet to explain the what, why and how of infrastructure asset management for communities, and give you some guidance on how to get started.

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Introduction to Asset Management

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities developed this guide to explain fundamental information about asset management and how it can help support your municipal operations. Read this guide to learn about asset management, and how you can promote it within your municipality.

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Video: Asset Management: Infrastructure in Small Communities

Interested in what asset management practices look like in a small community? The Northwest Territories Association of Communities developed this video to demonstrate the value of asset management practices specific to smaller and northern municipalities. 

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Video: Aging Infrastructure in Saskatchewan

As an elected official or a municipal executive, you play a key role in asset management. Asset Management Saskatchewan created this informative video to breakdown the steps in creating an infrastructure asset management plan.

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Guide à l'intention des élus concernant les infrastructures municipales

This municipal infrastructure guide for elected officials (available in French only) was created by the Centre d’expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines. It provides approaches for managing municipal assets like water and wastewater systems, stormwater and roadways.

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Guide de gestion d'actifs à l'intention des petites municipalités

The Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines developed this guide for small and medium sized communities seeking to better understand and employ asset management approaches (available in French only).

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C'est quoi la gestion des actifs?

Read this article (available in French only) to better understand asset management and see some example of how it can help your municipality. The Centre d’expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines developed this article as part of a series.

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Pourquoi est-ce important d'implanter la gestion des actifs?

Why is it important to implement asset management? Find out by reading this article (available in French only) developed by the Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines, as part of a series of articles.

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Quel est le rôle du conseil municipal dans la gestion des actifs?

As a municipal council member, better understand your role in asset management by reading this article. This article (available in French only) was developed by the Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines as part of a series.

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Est-ce que l'implantation de la gestion des actifs est bénéfique et faisable pour une petite municipalité?

How can asset management best practices benefit your small community? Find out in this article (available in French only), developed by the Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines as part of a series.

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La gestion municipale et les changements climatiques

How can you consider climate change when developing your asset management approach? Read this article (available in French only), developed by the Centre d'expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines, to find out more.

Guides and tools
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Asset Management Toolkit

This Asset Management Toolkit from the Northwest Territories Association of Communities provides clear and easy to understand information about the asset management approach. Use these tools and templates to implement smart management practices, equipment inspections and preventative maintenance, plans, policies and lifecycle costing.

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Asset Management Workbooks from Workshops for Elected Officials and Municipal Staff

Are you an elected official or a member of a municipality’s senior administration? Check out these workbooks to learn how to better identify and define risk, and to discover what asset management tools can help you with your municipality’s needs. Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta developed these resources that they delivered at a series of workshops.

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Integrating Asset Management & Climate Change – A Path Forward

Are you looking to better integrate climate considerations into asset management planning? This guide provides a framework for implementing adaptive approaches to managing assets with resiliency and risk-reduction in mind. The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities developed this resource.

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Canadian Infrastructure Report Card

The Canadian Infrastructure Report Card assesses the condition of Canada’s municipally owned infrastructure to help decision-makers identify cracks in this important foundation, and inform solutions to address them. FCM, the Canadian Construction Association, the Canadian Public Works Association and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering created this report.

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