Are you trying to formalize the way your municipality manages infrastructure assets? Do you want to raise awareness in your municipal council of the many ways asset management can benefit your city or community? Download and share this asset management presentation with your fellow elected officials to get the conversation started.

Save time with our professionally-created presentation

The presentation is ready to use as-is, saving you time. It includes visually-appealing slides and clear, informative speaking notes to give your council an overview of asset management and its value to your municipality. We also provide a short, engaging video and questions to guide a discussion.

Presentation topics include:

  • What is asset management?
  • What are the benefits to your community?
  • How can elected officials and council members get involved?

Customize the presentation to suit your needs

Personalize the presentation speaking notes to suit your audience, your community's needs, and your speaking style, or update images with your municipal logo and pictures from your community.

Get started today

Download the presentation now and see how this tool can help you communicate the value of asset management to your fellow council members.

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