Icon of three people sitting around a tableDo you want to raise awareness in your municipal council about how improving your asset management practices can enhance infrastructure decisions and benefit your community? Do you want support articulating how your community’s asset management approach can bolster your resilience to climate change and integrate equity and reconciliation considerations in decision-making?

Use the Starting the conversation about asset management toolkit below to develop a presentation that raises awareness of how asset management sustains the services your community cares about. The toolkit includes two presentation templates, a facilitator’s guide and a worksheet. Using the tools, you can assess your community's current asset management needs as well as customize messaging to convey your local government’s context and inspire action on asset management.

Step one: Select and download a presentation template

Speak directly to your audience based on their understanding, awareness and engagement with asset management.

Download one of the fully customizable presentation templates based on your audience:

Icon of a hand holding a tree

Getting started on asset management presentation template

Asset management in 10 minutes

Use this template if:

  • You have limited time to present (10–15 min)
  • Some or all of council is new to asset management
  • Your municipality is beginning its asset management journey

Icon of a tree with roots showing in the ground

Going deeper on asset management presentation template

Advanced concepts and examples

Use this template if:

  • You have 30–40 min to present
  • Your council is familiar with asset management or is highly technical
  • You are presenting during a smaller committee meeting or as part of workshop
  • Your council has been asking about or is interested in specific asset management topics

Step two: Customize your presentation using these tools

Download and use the tools below to help you adapt the presentation to resonate with your audience and suggest ways to maintain your municipality’s asset management momentum.

Icon of a hammer and wrench in a circleImage of the cover of the Facilitator’s Guide for Starting the Conversation about Asset Management Facilitator’s Guide for Starting the Conversation about Asset Management

Use this resource to assess your municipality’s asset management needs and tailor your presentation to speak directly to your council’s interests.


Icon of clip boardImage of inside of the Facilitator’s Worksheet for Starting the Conversation about Asset Management Facilitator’s Worksheet for Starting the Conversation about Asset Management

Answer the questions in this fillable worksheet as you refer to the Facilitator’s Guide. The worksheet will help you reflect on your municipality and what examples and projects will resonate with your council.

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This resource was developed by the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP).

MAMP is designed to help Canadian municipalities strengthen their infrastructure investment decisions based on reliable data and sound asset management practices. This eight-year, $110-million program is funded by the Government of Canada and delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. It is being implemented in partnership with municipal, provincial and territorial associations and other key stakeholders.

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