Brock Carlton
Chief Executive Officer
(613) 907-6222

Brock Carlton

Brock Carlton joined us more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has established himself as a leading voice on municipal issues, both domestically and internationally. As our CEO, Brock leads a strong team of staff and a united membership in advancing municipal interests by influencing both federal government decisions and national debates on issues that are critical to communities.

He has built partnerships with private sector interests, professional associations, not-for-profit organizations and the academic community in order to speak as one united voice about the priorities of municipal government. Under Brock’s tenure, the municipal sector in Canada has seen dramatic increases in federal investments, as well as recognition for the vital role it plays in our national interest. As a result, FCM is now recognized as one of the most influential organizations in Canada.

Brock is a dynamic and passionate speaker on municipal issues and federal-municipal relations. He believes that strong nations engage their municipal governments as true partners in nation building, and that they invest in their cities and communities as a means of solving local and national challenges.

Tim Kehoe
Deputy Chief Executive Officer 
(613) 907-6285

Tim Kehoe

Tim Kehoe joined us in 2000, serving the international department as Deputy Director and Director before being appointed as our Deputy CEO in 2012.

Tim provides senior leadership to our organizational development, strategic and corporate planning, governance, domestic and international programming, and network strategies and relationships. In addition, he is responsible for ensuring that our senior management functions as an effective leadership group and that the CEO’s Office serves as a leadership hub for the organization.

As head of our international programs, Tim led the expansion of initiatives into Eastern Europe, Haiti and the Caribbean. He was also responsible for establishing FCM International’s local economic development programming pillar and increased involvement in global municipal networks.

Coralia Bulhoes
Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Services
(613) 907-6226

Coralia Bulhoes

Coralia Bulhoes joined us in 2001, serving as Senior Director of Operations and Chief Financial Officer, before being appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2017.

Coralia is responsible for our business operations, which includes developing and implementing policies, procedures, systems and operational plans that are aligned with our strategies and goals.

She believes that the strength of an organization depends not only on its financial discipline but also on its human resources, information technology and capacity to manage risk.

Sebastien Hamel 
Executive Director, FCM Programs
(613) 907-6300

Sebastien Hamel

Sebastien Hamel joined us in 1999, serving as Senior Director of FCM International, before being appointed Executive Director of FCM Programs in 2017.

Sebastien oversees the portfolio of capacity building and funding programs that we offer to municipalities across Canada and around the world. These programs include sustainable development, asset management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, economic development, inclusion, governance, and municipal-First Nations relationships.

Sebastien has over 25 years of experience in the municipal sector and in program management, including 20 years in municipal international development in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Carole Saab 
Executive Director, Policy and Public Affairs
(613) 907-6286

Carole Saab

Carole Saab joined us in 2010, serving as Manager of Government and Media Relations and Senior Director of Policy and Government Relations, before being appointed Executive Director, Policy and Public Affairs in 2018.

As the head of Policy and Public Affairs, Carole oversees three functions that are central to fulfilling our mandate: Outreach and engagement (including government relations, member relations and advocacy), Policy and Research, and Communications (including events). The team operates in real-time, responding to fast-moving political events and policy opportunities while delivering a range of services to our 2,000 member municipalities.

Prior to joining us, Carole spent years working on Parliament Hill. She is recognized by The Hill Times as one of Canada’s top 100 federal lobbyists.

Stefano Biscotti
Senior Director, People and Culture
(613) 907-6244

Stefano Biscotti

Stefano Biscotti joined our Executive Leadership Team in 2018. He brings a wealth of public and private sector experience in human resources and corporate services, and a passion for connecting the people management lifecycle to corporate culture and employee engagement.

Stefano is responsible for all aspects of our strategic and operational Human Resource Management (HRM) function. As lead of the People and Culture team, he is integral to the evolving role of human resources as a strategic enabler of our work.

Prior to joining us in fall 2018, Stefano provided a key voice in leading transformational change in business partnership, human resources technology and HR programs with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Canada Post Corporation and in the corporate sector.

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