FCM President
Vanderheyden, Joanne, Councillor, Middlesex County, ON

FCM First Vice-President
Rudyk, Taneen, Councillor, Town of Vegreville, AB

FCM Second Vice-President
Pearce, Scott, Mayor, Township of Gore, QC

FCM Third Vice-President
Stewart, Geoff, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of the County of Colchester, NS

FCM Past President
Frizzell, Garth, Councillor, City of Prince George, BC

Board Members
Alty, Rebecca, President, Northwest Territories Association of Communities, NT
Amaya-Munro, Kaïla, Borough Councillor, City of Montreal, QC
Antoski, Cheryl, Councillor, City of Brantford, ON
Appleby, Trina, Councillor, Town of Torbay, NL
Arbour, Daniel, Director, Comox Valley Regional District, BC
Bailão, Ana, Councillor, City of Toronto, ON
Bell, Kenny, President, Nunavut Association of Municipalities, NU
Berghofer, Katie, Councillor, Strathcona County, AB
Bigras-Denis, Bernard, Mayor, City of Lachute, QC
Blair, Christine, Mayor, Municipality of the County of Colchester, NS
Blanco, Josefina, Councillor, City of Montréal, QC
Bligh, Rebecca, Councillor, City of Vancouver, BC
Blight, Kam, President, Association of Manitoba Municipalities, MB
Bouchard, Marc, Councillor, City of Saguenay, QC
Bridge, George, Councillor, County of Wellington, ON
Browaty, Jeff, Councillor, City of Winnipeg, MB
Coady, Amy, President, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, NL
Charron, Claude, Councillor, City of Sherbrooke, QC
Curran, Gord, President, Association of Yukon Communities, YT
Demers, Jacques, President, Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités, QC
Desmeules, Sandra, Councillor, City of Laval, QC
Doret, Marc, Mayor, City of Dorval, QC
Duffy, Mike, Councillor City of Charlottetown, PE
Dyotte, Normand, Executive Member, Union des municipalités du Québec, QC
Elliott, Kelly, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Thames Centre, ON
Fonseca, Chris, Councillor, Region of Peel, ON
Gaudreau, Bernard, Mayor, City Neuville, QC
Godin, Yvon, President, Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick, NB
Goulden, Randy, Councillor, City of Yorkton, SK and Interim President, Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (MuniSask), SK
Groening, Ralph, Reeve, Rural Municipality of Morris, MB
Hamilton, Sarah, Councillor, City of Edmonton, AB
Heron, Cathy, President, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, AB
Huson, Diana, Regional Councillor, Niagara Region, ON
Jeffery, Kathy, Councillor, Town of Collingwood, ON
Klinck, John, Representative of the Chairs of Regional Governments, ON
Kurpjuweit, Robin, Councillor, Cypress County, AB
Lai, Cynthia, Councillor, City of Toronto, ON
Lapierre, Jonathan, Mayor, Municipality of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC
Loewen, Mairin, Councillor, City of Saskatoon, SK
Lordon, Adam, President, Cities of New Brunswick Association, NB
MacDougall, Bruce, President, Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities, PE
Main, Leah, Director, Regional District of Central Kootenay, BC
Martens, Jamie, Councillor, City of Martensville, SK
Martin, Rhona, Director, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District, BC
McDougall, Amanda, President, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, NS
McGarvey, Jamie, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario, ON
McLauchlin, Paul, President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, AB
Mitchell, David, Mayor, Town of Bridgewater, NS
Morgan, Josh, Councillor, City of London, ON
Nisan, Rory, Councillor, The Regional Municipality of Halton, ON
Ouellet, Sylvain, City Councillor, City of Montreal, QC
Orb, Ray, President, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, SK
Parsons, Jim, Mayor, City of Corner Brook, NL
Pellegrini, Steve, Council Member, Regional Municipality of York, ON
Plett, Marvin, Councillor, City of Winkler, MB
Roodenberg, Laurey-Ann, President, Union of British Columbia Municipalities, BC
Santos, Rowena, Councillor, City of Brampton, ON
Savage, Mike, Chair, Big City Mayors’ Caucus, Mayor, Halifax Regional Municipality, NS
Scholten, Alex, President, Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick, NB
Singh, Arjun, Councillor, City of Kamloops, BC
Smith, Lindell, Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality, NS
Tétrault, Laurent, Councillor, Rural Municipality of La Broquerie, MB
Tierney, Tim, Councillor, City of Ottawa, ON
Vallières-Roland, Catherine, Deputy Mayor, Quebec City, QC
van den Broek, Val, Mayor, City of Langley, BC
Walcott, Courtney, Councillor, City of Calgary, AB
Walma, Steffen, Councillor, County of Simcoe, ON
Wang, James, Councillor, City of Burnaby, BC
Yargeau, Mike, Mayor, Town of Penhold, AB

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