Jack Layton

FCM's Jack Layton Fellowship Program honours and celebrates Jack Layton's legacy by engaging young Canadians in politics.

Each year the program provides an opportunity for community-minded leaders to turn their good ideas into real action and real change.

The issues local governments address each day are important to all Canadians, yet young Canadians are becoming more disengaged with politics at all levels of government.

Reaching out to these young people and finding ways to engage them in contributing to the cities and communities we all want is critical.

About Jack and FCM

Jack Layton was a long-time City Councillor in Toronto, before he became leader of the federal New Democratic Party in 2003. He was an active leader in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), serving as President in 2001. This fellowship has been created to honor Mr. Layton’s contributions to Canada’s cities and communities.

FCM is the national voice for Canadian municipalities and is dedicated to improving the quality of life in all communities by promoting strong, effective and accountable local governments.

The Fellowship

During his two decades dedicated to public service, Mr. Layton believed that ideas, no matter how small or odd-sounding, are something to be explored, nurtured and developed, and that grass roots, community-based initiatives, with proper support, can result in real change. This fellowship program is built on and is a reflection of these beliefs.

The FCM Jack Layton Fellowship Program will provide an opportunity for up to 3 community-minded leaders to turn their good ideas into real action and real change. Specifically, the Fellowship will seed, support and develop good ideas that engage Canadians in public policy and civic participation at a local level.

How it works

FCM will be hiring up to 3 university students at the graduate or undergraduate level to work in FCM’s offices in Ottawa for a four-month term over the spring and summer. The Jack Layton Fellows will spend 80 per cent of their time occupying separate positions within FCM, serving Canada’s municipalities. An outline of these positions is found below.

The remaining 20 per cent of their time will be dedicated to developing the Jack Layton Fellowship project. Building on the work done last year, Fellows will identify a project for this year as a team, focusing on a priority area for which Mr. Layton was a champion, including youth engagement, the role of municipalities, affordable housing or public transit. Upon completion of the term, Fellows will be given the opportunity to have their work presented to municipal leaders from across the country.

Specific positions

  1. Policy and Public Affairs Fellow

    The PPA Fellow position, reporting to the Manager of Operations, will support PPA’s operations, communications, outreach and policy work by providing research and analysis on current municipal policy issues, as well as contributing to social media strategy and outreach projects. The fellow will also contribute to the collective Jack Layton Fellowship Project. The position is designed for a summer term graduate student, co-op or Fellowship placements, or recent graduates.
  2. Impact Research and Performance Fellow

    The IRP Team of the GMF is seeking a summer intern to conduct research and analysis to support this work with municipalities. A specific scope of work will be developed for the intern in advance of their arrival. Their work will build upon already existing research and data.
  3. Sustainability Working Group Fellow

    Working closely with FCM’s Sustainability Working Group (SWG), the summer intern will support the implementation of the organization’s Sustainability Charter, which outlines seven key performance areas that need to be addressed in order for FCM to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions: transportation, procurement, energy use in buildings, waste management, events/meetings, water conservation and staff engagement.

How to apply

  • This placement will be for a 16-week period over spring and summer. Students will gain knowledge and practical experience in organizational sustainability and will develop professional networks for their respective careers.
  • FCM staff and interns work seven hours per day, Monday through Thursday during July and August, and 7.5 hours per day Monday to Friday for other parts of the year.
  • The pay will be $16─$20/hour (depending on the specific position) plus vacation pay of four per cent, which is subject to statutory deductions.
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