Looking to get started on asset management in your municipality? Are you wondering how to get started? 

There are many excellent asset management resources available in Canada. A quick google search will reveal dozens of them. This list provides a sample of great asset management resources for beginners, as recommended by the Technical Working Group of the Municipal Asset Management Program.

Remember that your province or territory may have specific requirements, regulations, or approaches to asset management, so we encourage you to start with local resources if they are available. You can also look to your local asset management community of practice for more information (www.assetmanagementcanada.ca).

Great Guides and Handbooks for Beginners

Great Examples and Tools for Beginners

Examples of Asset Management Policies, Plans, Strategies, and Frameworks

Examples of Terms of Reference for AM Teams:

Examples of Inventory Tools and Templates:

Take a Look!

Great Opportunities for Asset Management Training for Beginners

Note: Different jurisdictions can have specific requirements for asset management plans, policies and strategies. For example, Ontario’s regulation O. Reg 588/17 lays out specific requirements for Ontario municipalities. It is always a good idea to check with your province, territory, municipal association, or local community of practice to see if there are specific requirements or approaches in your jurisdiction. 

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