Towns and cities across Canada face a constant struggle to maintain aging infrastructure, such as stormwater systems, roads, buildings and other municipal assets, while also building new services and systems to meet community needs. Add to that the pressure to adapt to climate change, and the need to manage development in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s clear that municipal councils have a lot on their plate. Is your municipality facing challenges like these?

Through strengthening your asset management practices, your municipality can:

  • Improve municipal planning by developing an approach that considers the long-term needs of your community
  • Identify choices, communicate benefits and better inform council decisions on what infrastructure projects deliver the most value
  • Make better use of your capital budget, the Federal Government’s Community-Building Fund and other infrastructure grants
  • Better navigate staff resourcing and succession planning

Watch this video to learn how asset management approaches can help your municipality address specific infrastructure needs while also preparing for climate change.


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