The Building Blocks of Asset Management guideLooking to take your first step with asset management but don't know where to start? The Building Blocks of Asset Management guide was created to support communities in the early stages of establishing asset management practices. This step-by-step guide is geared toward those who are just getting started or at Level 1 on the Asset Management Readiness Scale.

Supports you along your asset management journey

Since no two communities are alike, this easy-to-use guide will help you move toward your asset management goals in a way that is unique to your municipality's needs.  

The guide outlines the steps you can take to start implementing asset management practices in five different competency areas: Policy and governance; People and leadership; Data and information; Planning and decision-making; and Contribution to asset management practice.

Get started today

Download the guide today and see how this tool can help your municipality get started on understanding the services your assets provide to your community, and best practices for caring for them over time.

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