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Funding for Canadian municipalities

More funding. More opportunities.

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Funding for sustainability, climate change and asset management initiatives

FCM offers grants and loans to Canadian cities and communities to help improve the quality of life for residents. Our funding helps municipalities adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make better investments in municipal infrastructure and improve the quality of our communities' air, water and soil. Discover what we can offer your municipality.

Grants and loans to meet your municipality’s needs

FCM offers grants for plans, studies and pilot projects, as well as loans and grants for capital projects, in three core areas: sustainability, climate change and asset management.

Sustainability grants and loans

Municipality in forefront with river in background

Do you have an innovative project to improve the quality of air, water or soil, or reduce energy consumption in your municipality? Apply for grants and loans for planning, energy retrofits, water conservation and management, transportation, waste diversion and brownfield initiatives. Learn about funding from FCM's Green Municipal Fund.

Climate change grants

Flooded city street

Does your municipality need to adapt to the effects of climate change, such as extreme temperatures and flooding, or reduce GHG emissions? Apply for grants to help your community take action on climate change. Learn more about funding from FCM's Municipalities for Climate Innovation.

Asset management grants

Construction crew paving road with steamroller

Want to help your municipality make better decisions about investing in infrastructure such as roads, buildings and sanitation services? Apply for funding to help your municipality improve its asset management practices. Learn about funding from FCM's Municipal Asset Management Program.

More than funding: Training and learning resources

We also offer a variety of training and networking activities and a wealth of knowledge resources.

  • Attend workshops, webinars and peer learning activities to discover best practices you can apply in your own community
  • Access case studies, guidebooks, reports and more, to gain inspiration and knowledge to help you achieve your goals
  • Connect with peers and professionals in other municipalities from across the country and expand your network

Wastewater case studies: Strategies and solutions

Wastewater case studies. Solutions and strategies

Managing a wastewater treatment plant upgrade can be a complex process. Explore these case studies of successful GMF-funded initiatives to find tips and best practices you can apply to your own wastewater projects and upgrades. Read the case studies.

Why invest in asset management?

Illustration of a city with buildings, cars and people

Is your municipality facing the challenges of maintaining aging infrastructure, providing new services to meet community needs, and adapting to climate change? Improving asset management practices could be the solution. Watch our video to learn more.


Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through three different programs: the Green Municipal Fund, the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, and the Municipal Asset Management Program.
Page Updated: 14/03/2018