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Cities and communities across Canada have many common goals. At a high level, we all want to increase our sustainability and to enhance the quality of life of our citizens. FCM funding and education programs help us make tangible progress toward achieving these two objectives.

FCM programs address green initiatives, affordable housing, women in government, climate protection and partnering with First Nations communities. They also provide an opportunity for Canadian municipalities to share know-how and resources domestically as well as overseas through international development initiatives.

Our largest program, the Green Municipal Fund™ (GMF), is a $550-million endowment by the Government of Canada to support municipal efforts to improve air, water and soil quality. The fund is open to municipalities large and small, in every province and territory.

National Programs - Making a Difference for Canadians

All FCM programs are evaluated for their impact on municipal life. GMF alone has funded hundreds of plans, studies and capital projects to support sustainable community development in five sectors of activity: brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water.

Other programs are also making a difference by increasing the number of:

  • Municipalities undertaking activities to address climate change. Learn more.
  • Service agreement partnerships between First Nations communities and adjacent municipalities. Learn more.
  • Women elected in local government. Learn more.
  • Affordable housing units by removing a significant number of regulatory barriers. Learn more.

International Programs - Changing Lives Abroad

As municipal leaders, we believe strong local government is the key to improving the quality of life in Canada and abroad. Through FCM's international development programs, we share our expertise in municipal administration and services with local governments in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our collaboration with these partners is yielding important advances for their communities in areas such as economic development, education, health and social services, the environment, emergency services and disaster relief. Learn more.

Featured Programs