FCM's Board of Directors has established standing committees, working groups, caucuses and forums to facilitate more detailed debate and provide the board with recommendations on priority policy and program issues. These committees are comprised of both Board members and non-Board municipal elected officials.

Standing Policy Committees and Working Groups

Standing Committee on Anti Racism and Equity
The Committee drives board capacity building on anti-racism and equity issues such as gender, accessibility, and anti-Indigeniety, establishes a forum to discuss promising municipal practices nationally, highlights opportunities to develop more equitable governance models and practices, and collaborates with FCM’s policy committees to bring forward federal advocacy recommendations grounded in ARE principles and considerations.

Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime Prevention
The Committee focuses on policing, crime prevention, community corrections, emergency preparedness and management.

Standing Committee on Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
The Committee focuses on policies and programs related to green economy, climate change adaptation, clean air, water, waste, wastewater, brownfields, toxic substances (including pesticides), energy, invasive species and green infrastructure.

Standing Committee on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Transportation
The Committee focuses on policies and programs related to infrastructure, public transit, mobility, transportation, rail safety, telecommunications, finance and procurement, Canada Post, international trade and municipal finance and autonomy.

Standing Committee on Social Economic Development
The Committee focuses on housing and homelessness, cultural and community infrastructure, immigration and municipal-Aboriginal relations, and aging infrastructure.

Reconciliation Action Working Group
This working group facilitates information and knowledge sharing on Indigenous initiatives in municipalities, supports FCM’s relationship building with Indigenous organizations and Reconciliation.

Elections Readiness Working Group
The Elections Readiness Working Group plays a leadership role in FCM’s member-driven political advocacy around federal elections and other key moments in the political calendar, such as the federal budget. The working group provides important feedback on advocacy strategies and works to engage their colleagues in advocacy campaigns.

Forums and Caucuses

Big City Mayor’s Caucus

Network of Francophone Municipalities
This network was created to encourage greater participation of members that share the use of French and to inform the FCM on priority issues for Francophone communities across the country.

Northern and Remote Forum
This Forum focuses on infrastructure investments, economic development in the North, natural resources and northern communities. Membership criteria: Membership is open to municipal representatives from the territorial or provincial North.

Rural Forum

Regional Caucuses
FCM’s five regional caucuses (British Columbia, Prairies and Territories, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic) provide a forum for discussion of regional interests as identified by members of the caucus and serve as a consultative forum for governance issues being recommended to the FCM Board of Directors. All board and non-board members are automatically members of their respective caucus.

Core Committees

Executive Committee
In accordance with FCM By-law, the Committee is comprised of 14 members: the five Table Officers, the five regional caucus chairs, the Chair of the Northern and Remote Forum, the Chair of the Rural Forum, a representative of the Affiliate Members, and a representative of the Big City Mayors’ Caucus. It is charged with the general management and supervision of the activities and affairs of FCM and may exercise, during intervals between meetings of the Board, all the powers of the Board.

Finance and Audit Committee
The Committee oversees FCM’s long-term financial plan, budget development process, financial reporting, audit, finance policy development and risk management.

Governance Committee
The Committee works within the context of FCM’s Strategic Plan to continuously improve governance policies and practices to align FCM with sector best practices and make recommendations to the Board of Directors related to Board governance and effectiveness.

Human Resources Committee
The Committee performs the duties of the Board relating to Human Resources (HR) related functions, including oversight of the Chief Executive Officer, FCM’s HR strategy and reviewing harassment claims as needed.

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