FCM's Board of Directors has established ten standing committees and forums to facilitate more detailed debate and provide the board with recommendations on priority policy and program issues. These committees are comprised of both Board members and other municipal elected officials.

  • Anti Racism and Equity
    Facilitate anti-racism and equity capacity building opportunities for the board, establish a forum to discuss promising municipal practices nationally, highlight opportunities to develop more equitable governance models for the board, and bring forward federal advocacy recommendations.
  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention
    Policing, crime prevention, community corrections, emergency preparedness and management.
  • Conference Planning Committee
    Oversight of the Sustainable Communities Conference and Annual Conference agendas.
  • Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
    Green economy, climate change adaptation, clean air, water, waste, wastewater, brownfields, toxic substances (including pesticides), energy, invasive species, green infrastructure.
  • Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government
    Advocacy supporting greater participation of women in municipal government, including development of strategies to raise the profile of the issue.
  • International Relations
    Global networks and advocacy, decentralization, good governance, local capacity development.
  • Municipal Finance and Intergovernmental Arrangements
    Municipal powers, roles and responsibilities, federal-provincial/ territorial-municipal relations, municipal fiscal tools, international trade rules and disputes, GST and other tax issues.
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Policy
    Municipal infrastructure and federal funding programs, small and regional airports viability, marine policy, railway and municipal proximity issues, highway and border infrastructure issues, urban transit, telecommunications.
  • Network of Francophone Municipalities
  • Non-Board Committee Members
    This feature of our governance enables broader membership participation in our committee deliberations and brings expertise that strengthens the debate and helps create the most informed recommendations to the Board of Directors. They do not have voting rights at the Board of Directors meeting.
  • Northern and Remote Forum
    Infrastructure investments, economic development in the North, natural resources and northern communities. Membership criteria: Membership is open to municipal representatives from the territorial or provincial North.
  • Rural Forum
    Infrastructure investments, rural economic development, diversification of resource-based communities, interdependencies between rural and urban communities. Membership criteria: Membership is open to representatives from municipalities that are rural in nature or urban communities that have a significant rural component or interest.
  • Social Economic Development
    Housing and homelessness; cultural and community infrastructure, immigration and municipal-Aboriginal relations, aging.
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