Scott Pearce
Second Vice-President
FCM second Vice-President Scott Pearce is the Mayor of the Township of Gore, first elected in November 2004. He has also been the Warden of the RCM Argenteuil since 2014—and a member of FCM’s Board of Directors since 2009.

A proud Canadian and Quebecer, Scott is strong voice for suburban and rural Canada, building links between Francophones in Quebec and the rest of Canada. He and his wife Aggy are outdoor enthusiasts, and his lifelong love of nature is also strongly reflected in his work with FCM.

A long-time and very active FCM Board member, Scott is Vice-President of the Rural Forum, Vice-President of the Quebec Caucus and a member of the Environment and Climate Change Commission. He is also the official representative of bilingual municipalities on the Board of Directors of the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM).

View more on the Township of Gore website.

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