On March 31, 2023, FCM President Taneen Rudyk announced her intention to step back from her role as president to seek the nomination for a seat in the Alberta provincial legislature. 

In accordance with FCM’s Code of Ethical Conduct and FCM Bylaw No.1, President Rudyk will take a leave of absence effective immediately while she seeks the nomination, and beyond through the provincial election if successful in securing the nomination. 

While the President is on leave, the FCM 1st Vice President, Mayor of the Township of Gore, Scott Pearce will become Acting President and take on all duties of the President as well as maintain his existing duties.  

If Ms. Rudyk is not elected as an MLA in the Alberta general election, she can return from her leave of absence and would automatically return from her leave in the role of Immediate Past President.  

Ms. Rudyk has diligently served FCM and its members in various capacities since 2017, including as its 1st Vice President and President. She has skillfully led its national board of directors through challenging times as well as through numerous successes. FCM thanks Ms. Rudyk for her continued and passionate championing of the role of local government in driving solutions for Canadians. FCM also thanks Vice-President Pearce for stepping in to fulfil these critical duties as Acting President and ensuring that FCM’s governance remains effective and impactful.

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