July 29, 2022

Lead applicant: City of Vancouver
Lead municipality: City of Vancouver
Sector: Energy (Sustainable Affordable Housing - SAH)
Project type: Capital project
Approved funding through the Green Municipal Fund: $7,081,100
Loan: $3,540,550
Grant: $3,540,550

The City of Vancouver has a portfolio of affordable housing assets that collectively provide accommodation for a wide range of demographics, including residents on income assistance. To combat the rising cost of living, Vancouver implemented the Housing Vancouver Strategy (2017), the latter of which targets the construction of 12,000 single and family units at a range of income levels by 2027. In this project, 60 units (30% of units as affordable) will adjoin a school and childcare facility.

The project, situated at 480 Broughton Street, Vancouver, is designed to both net-zero energy and passive house standards. The fully electrical building will also reduce embodied carbon through construction by 40%. In addition, the application of the LEED gold standard will improve indoor air quality, reduce water consumption, and maximize the building’s overall energy performance.

Innovative aspect(s):

While energy use reductions are often the focus of such low energy projects, embodied carbon reduction is not typically considered during construction.


The successful implementation of this project will encourage the execution of similar sustainable strategies across other developments under the Housing Vancouver Strategy.


Affordability on this project adheres to SAH’s requirements, with 18 of the 60 units to rent at below 80% median market Rate. In addition, as a number of young families are currently priced out of Vancouver housing, there will be 35 two- and three-bedroom units.

(Project description from original funding application)

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