The Federation of Canadian Municipalities convened cross-sector stakeholders for an important discussion on Canada’s growth, and the need for a new Growth Framework for municipalities.

OTTAWA - Canada’s successful growth is intrinsically linked to its cities, towns and communities. Growth, both population and economic, is essential for Canadians’ quality of life, our national economy, and our long-term prosperity. Municipalities are leading the charge to adapt and grow as Canada grows, and that growth brings with it both opportunities and challenges.

That’s why FCM was pleased to host in Ottawa today an important conversation, bringing together cross-sector Canadian leaders to discuss the need for a new Municipal Growth Framework and to hear from them directly how more empowered communities can ultimately benefit their work and Canadians across the country.

“As our national population grows, Canadians’ needs are going to evolve as well,” said FCM CEO Carole Saab. “Local leaders are on the ground every day and know best how to meet those needs. Our vision is for a Canada both present and future that recognizes municipal leadership with a framework that empowers communities to grow as the country grows. It will require all orders of government working together, and increasingly, partnerships across industry, civil society, the non-profit sector and more.”

FCM is calling for a new Municipal Growth Framework that both empowers local governments with a revenue tool or tools that grow with Canada’s national population and economy, and redefines how we engage across orders of government. With a modernized framework in place, municipalities will be better empowered to continue to lead on Canada’s pressing national challenges and improve the quality of life for all Canadians. Canada’s population surpassed 40 million people earlier this year. Yet local governments continue to receive between 8 and 10 cents for each tax dollar collected. To continue to provide the essential infrastructure foundation for more homes and lively community centres, transport goods on maintained roads and bridges, build reliable transit systems, protect communities from the effects of climate change and more, municipalities require a modernized framework that better links municipal revenue with demographic and economic growth.

Today’s convening helped to draw out important perspectives that have the potential to create a more unified voice alongside municipal leaders who are calling for a new framework, through FCM.

“Canada’s pressing national challenges are shared between all orders of government—municipal, provincial, territorial and federal—and can only be solved if all of us are working together,” said Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax and Chair of FCM’s Big City Mayors’ Caucus. “It is only through smart collaboration among governments and other partners that Canadian municipalities can become better empowered to improve quality of life for all Canadians.”

As a next step, FCM will gather the feedback shared during today’s dialogue and use it to help inform future proposals for a Municipal Growth Framework.

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Resolution Adopted at FCM’s 2023 Annual Conference in Toronto: New Growth Framework for Canadian Municipalities

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