These templates are meant to act as guides for organizing a service agreement. Clauses will need to be altered, added and deleted to ensure that the agreement is best suited to fit the unique needs of your community. For example, the payment section of the template is only a suggestion; parties may wish to structure their payment for services differently based on the desired level of services and needs.

Communications Protocol Template 
Outlines basic considerations for communities to solidify their intentions to work together over the long term.

Water and Wastewater Service Agreement Template 
Outlines basic considerations for sharing piped water and sewer services. 

Solid Waste Service Agreement Template 
Provides guidelines for communities wishing to collaborate on solid waste collection, transfer stations and (or) landfill sites.

Fire Protection Service Agreement Template 
Provides guidelines for both single-community services and mutual aid agreements.

Recreation Service Agreement Template 
Outlines considerations for the provision of recreation services, which may include: pools, arenas, libraries, and public parks and trails maintenance.

Comprehensive Service Agreement Template 
A single-service agreement, that addresses the provision of multiple services, including: water, wastewater, solid waste, fire protection, animal control, snow removal, park and recreation, transit, and building inspection. This template is meant to be modified to fit your community's specific needs.

Transit Service Agreement Template 
Provides a sample of key considerations for establishing a First Nation - municipal transit agreement.

Animal Control Service Agreement Template 
Highlights key considerations regarding animal pounds, animal licensing and the provision of an animal control officer.

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