Planning and Community Health: A Practitioner’s HandbookA strong integration of health and land use planning can generate a multitude of benefits for municipalities, including climate change adaptation, GHG reductions, and air quality improvements, accessible facilities, and amenities, and increased food access and inclusion.

That’s why Urban Systems, funded by Health Canada and supported by FCM, created a practical handbook and report for Canadian planning and public health practitioners that are looking to integrate health into community plans and projects. The guide, A Practitioner’s handbook for planning and community health, highlights current barriers that exist and points to effective methods that have been successfully employed in Canadian communities that address these challenges. It also provides an overview of different types of community plans, and the relationships between them to support public health to identify and identify which plans might be prioritized for involvement. The intent of the handbook and report is to ignite a dialogue and support the next steps in communities of all sizes where both public health and planning resources vary greatly.



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